Treatment For Oily Skin

Although oil is necessary for our skin to help keep it moisturized but excess oil can be a problem for some people with overactive sebaceous glands. Oil makes our skin looks dull, shiny and patchy without any glow. There are many reasons oily skin they may be genetic, environmental or may be due to problems with our diet. With summer time approaching sweating will your oily skin woes a bigger worry.  But there are also varieties of treatments and remedies you can do at home which can help you get rid of oily skin. Here are a few tips and tricks for treatment of oily skin.

Treatment for oily skin

  1. Washing face: It is very important to wash your face at regular intervals to keep oil off your face. It will be beneficial if you use luke warm water instead of cold water as luke warm water dissolves oil more efficiently. It will also prevent oil from coagulating in your pores.
  2. Cucumber: Cucumber can be very beneficial for your skin they have variety of qualities and one of them is preventing you from oily skin. They have astringent and smoothing effect on your skin. Also they are high in vitamin and mineral content. You can ct cucumber into slices and rub it over your face before going to bed and leave it overnight to wash it in the morning.
  3. Lemon: lemon is another thing very good for your skin. It is a natural source of citric acid and also acts as astringent. It can also help light black spots on your skin. Mix one table spoon of lemon juice with half spoon of water. Apply it on your skin using a cotton ball.
  4. Egg white: take egg white, beat it and apply it on your face and let it dry. It helps clear out your of acne and blemishes, it also tightens oily skin. You can also mix egg white with lemon and leave it for 15min, then rinse it off.
  5. Tomatoes: tomatoes are good for oily skin due to their cooling and astringent properties. Due to high vitamin C and citric acid it help absorbs excess oil of the skin. Take a piece of cut tomato and rub it on your skin and let the juice soak for about 15 min, and then rinse it off with water. Repeat this three times a week and you will notice a difference in your skin.

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