Top Fruits That Help in Weight Loss

When trying to lose weight its very difficult choice to chose between what to eat and what not to eat. As most of the weight loss food tastes bland and tasteless. But it is not so in every case fruits tend to be very tasty as well as sweet so they curb your desire for something sweet and help you lose weight as well. Here are some fruits you can try,

Top fruits that help in weight loss

  1. Watermelon: watermelon is made up of 85% water, also there is nothing cool and refreshing as a nicely refrigerated piece of water melon. Watermelon full of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A and magnesium which helps you keep good health as well. It is easily digested and keeps your body cool and help in removing skin tan. Also it is very low on calorie count which makes it a blessing for your weight loss diet, next time you feel hungry have a bowl of watermelon.
  2. Pomegranates: Pomegranates have high fiber content along with vitamin C, vitamin K and potassium which not only help you control blood sugar level , it also helps in weight loss and we all would agree it tastes great . Don’t opt for pomegranate juices, eat them raw and you will see how they help you to lose weight.
  3. Dates: Dates are as good as candies, they are full of vitamins, fiber, magnesium and potassium which not only boosts your energy but also its contains very low calories and this prevents you from putting on weight. It also has high sodium content, so you can have couple of dates whenever you have craving to eat something sweet
  4. Apples: Apples are very low calorie that is full of vitamins, minerals and fibers. They are one of the most versatile fruit. They help you maintain low blood sugar level also low sodium content in apple prevents water retention. Eating apple not only prevents intake of a lot of calories but also helps in burning calories. Apple is a perfect food for addition to your weight loss plan, so eat apple if you want to lose weight.

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