Reason for Oily Skin Uncovered

A lot of people these days are experiencing oily, shiny, dull skin. Especially with summer approaching oily skin will seem to be a problem, the overactive sebaceous gland will produce excess oil which will lead to enlarged pores and coarse skin. There may be many reasons for oily skin among people.

Reason for oily skin

  1. Hereditry: If oily skin runs in your family ,then chances are that you will too have oily skin with sebaceous glands producing excess oil with clogged pores and breakouts.
  2. Hormones: Many of us experience changes in our skin type during adolescence years when we hit puberty. Excess of hormones can lead to oily skin which may persist for rest of the life. Even during menstrual cycle some females experience more oily skin due to excess hormones and even after menopause this may not changes rather some females experience more drastic changes in the skin due to hormonal imbalance.
  3. Diet: We all know that eating the right is very important for our well being but most of us fall prey to the temptation of oil and fried food and indulge in the binge. But this consumption of high glycemic food results in overactive sebum gland.
  4. Environment: Humidity and pollution are the major causes for oily skin. In humid areas you can feel excess oil on your skin whenever you walk outside. Moreover with in summer sweating can add to this problem.
  5. Stress and incorrect skin care: in this age with hectic lifestyle and odd working environment stress levels of people are increasing day by day and this show on their skin which results in excess oil production. As they have no or very little time to take care of their skin  it becomes dull and oily.

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