How to Prevent Hair Thinning

Sometimes we try all the remedies available, and the hair goes down desperately to keep us crazy day after day. Hair loss is due to poor appetite, lack of sleep, lack of health, hormonal imbalance, excessive use of hair styling products and the use of heat and other factors caused by a disease.

Let’s now look at some of the fixes that can not only reduce hair loss, but also can improve the overall health of your hair bundle.

    1. Release Tension : Keep pulling your hair constantly and causing your restraint tight – put it on a tight ponytail and blow it directly with a brush, every few months can be permanent To damage your hair follicles, and in fact lead to hair loss or tractional hair loss (as medically known as hair loss). Sparse women should choose a loose style, rather than a tense rise, and first of all in the shape before the first choice of a brushless dry, these two can make the hair stand out, this approach can be more refined.
    2. Seeking professional treatment: If you lose more than 100 shares a day (disturb the genitals – the rest period), you should seek hair thinning Medical. Sometimes, hair loss and thinning are the consequences of anemia such as thyroid problems, severe weight loss or gain worsening. Even in the menstrual cycle bleeding is heavy, may also lead to fragile, fragile hair loss too much iron. Any kind of hormonal balance determines how your body works. As your age grows, your body changes, so you want to adjust what happens. Medical professionals will analyze your diet, check hormone levels, discuss issues that cause your stress, and recommend foods and supplements to reduce the number of shedding heads.
    3. Eat healthy and nutritious diet: No matter what you eat, how much time will affect the health and quality of hair. The body needs a constant fuel in the form of essential fatty acids, leptin, B vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron and selenium to grow healthy hair. But do not expect immediate results to show that you are starting to load healthy hair with important nutrition moments. The results may take longer to show. Adhere to a healthy diet. The hair is built from inside to outside, so a healthy body is important for healthy hair – but if you do not have enough nutrients for a while it takes time.
    4. Avoid too many chemical products: If your hair suddenly goes wrong, the answer lies in the product you are using. Whenever you buy a new shampoo or conditioner or any styling product, please check the ingredients label on the back! Logic is very simple If you see too many chemical names, such as sulphates, silicone, p-hydroxybenzoate, then this product is probably not very safe. In addition, please refer to products that mention natural ingredients such as aloe, Amla (Emblica officinalis), lavender or any other herbaceous plants. The more natural the better the better.
    5. Know your family history : Genetics also plays a role in hair loss. You can easily dilute your hair according to genetics. A good way to find out if you see signs of thinning is to study your genealogies from mothers and fathers. If you find a pattern of hair loss or baldness, please refer to an expert (specialist hair and scalp health experts), what measures can you take to prevent supplements, eating habits or laser therapies that may help to change the symptoms of hair growth

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